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Vacuum cup curved surface CNC wire drawing machine shipped to Shanghai

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Vacuum cup curved surface CNC wire drawing machine shipped to Shanghai

Shipping destination: Shanghai

Customer Products: Thermos Cup

Effect requirements: curved surface drawing。

Shipment site real shot map:




Logistics delivery, fully enclosed packaging.

On July 3, 2018, the logistics company was entrusted to deliver the hot-handed cup arc surface automatic wire drawing machine, and the car was sent to Shanghai。

Shanghai customers are domestic first-line brand insulation cup manufacturers, and they are rated as brand-name products of thermal insulation cups with high surface effect requirements.

Our company has carried out a drastic upgrade design according to the needs of the guests. One model is 200% more efficient than the same industry model.


1. Double-station double-head synchronous processing, the efficiency is increased by 200%.

2, CNC numerical control system, map programming or teaching programming, no CNC operation of the basic workers, after a few hours of training in the skilled grip.

After years of hard work, Shouheng Automation has developed a full range of automatic polishing machines for the insulation cups. The models include: automatic welding machine for welding, cup thread drawing machine, cup thread mirror polishing machine, automatic mirror polishing machine for cup mirror. Cup body CNC wire drawing machine, cup bottom automatic wire drawing machine. A full range of equipment from miniaturization to large flow.

Welcome new and old customers call to discuss: 18925706620 / Yin Sheng.

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