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Automatic polishing machine - wet vacuum cleaner loading and shipping

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Automatic polishing machine - wet vacuum cleaner loading and shipping

Shipping destination: Suzhou, Jiangsu

Customer product: zinc aluminum alloy casting

Effect requirements: plating after polishing

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On June 27, 2018, the disc-type automatic polishing machine, wet vacuum cleaner, and fully enclosed isolation room were shipped to Suzhou, Jiangsu.

This guest is a large-scale zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting product enterprise. The product has high demand for surface polishing. It requires a large amount of manual polishing workers. It uses the disc-type automatic polishing machine delivered today. One machine can replace 10 polishing workers, and the large number is for customers. Reduce labor and provide factory automation.

This customer has a fully enclosed isolation room with a beautiful appearance。 It is equipped with a wet vacuum cleaner that is independently developed by our company and meets the national standard。 High-precision automatic polishing production line that combines automatic polishing, sealing treatment and wet dust removal。

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