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A journey from birth to delivery of a CNC polishing machine

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A journey from birth to delivery of a CNC polishing machine

Place of Birth: Dongguan, Guangdong Growth Destination: Zhejiang Hangzhou Customer Products: Security Products Effect Requirements: Remove the nozzle and surface sanding. Product shape: square, oval. Initial growth


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On June 15th, 2018, the second batch of 6 CNC sanders were loaded to the largest security manufacturing enterprises in China。


CNC numerical control equipment, according to the CNC system specially optimized by the grinding and polishing industry, is easy to learn and operate.

It is not difficult to process complex shapes such as squares, ovals, and curved surfaces.

One shot also produces 1-6 products。

Scalable fully automated unmanned workshop。

It is suitable for putting into the first-line flow workshop and producing no pressure in parallel with other process equipment。

Welcome to inquire: Yin Sheng 18925706620 (with WeChat)

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