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Stainless steel polished brightness

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304 stainless steel can be polished.

If the surface is not flat, first use an angle grinder to sand the cloth to smooth the surface. Then use a corner grinder to load the felt polishing sheet, first throw it on the polishing wax, let the felt sheet be covered with wax, and then polish the surface to be polished.

If you want to polish to achieve the effect of decorative stainless steel plate: the roller frame is polished with a belt polishing machine, first use 120# abrasive belt, throw the surface color to one time, change 240# abrasive belt, throw the surface color one to the time, then Change the 800# abrasive belt, throw it to the surface color one time, then change the 1200# abrasive belt, and throw the effect of decorating the stainless steel plate.

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