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What is the difference between stainless steel electropolishing and electrochemical polishing?

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Electropolishing features:

Electropolishing is a surface treatment method that utilizes the selective anodic dissolution of stainless steel in an electrolyte to achieve the purpose of polishing and cleaning the surface. Has the following advantages:

(1) Greatly improve the surface corrosion resistance。 Due to the selective dissolution of the elements by electropolishing, a dense and sturdy chromium-rich solid transparent film is formed on the surface and an isoelectric surface is formed, thereby eliminating and mitigating microbattery corrosion。

(2) The microscopic surface after electropolishing is smoother than mechanical polishing, and the reflectance is higher. This makes the equipment not sticky, not hanging, easy to clean, the surface of the workpiece is reduced by about 1 wire, meeting the requirements of GMP and FDA regulations.

(3) Electropolishing is not limited by the size and shape of the workpiece. Polishing of workpieces that are not suitable for mechanical polishing, such as the inner wall of an elongated tube, elbows, bolts, nuts, and inner and outer walls of the container.

Electropolishing is superior to mechanical polishing:

A。 There are surface equipotential conditions;

B. It is not easy to capture pollutants;

C. The surface can form a transparent solid salt film which is more resistant to corrosion;

Electrochemical polishing features:

Electrochemical polishing is the use of metal electrochemical anode dissolution principle for grinding and polishing。 The combination of electrochemical pre-polishing and mechanical polishing is the combination of electrochemical and mechanical polishing。 It is not limited by the hardness and toughness of the material and can polish workpieces of various complex shapes。 The method is similar to electrolytic grinding。

Advantages: The processed stainless steel is more mirrored.

The role of electrolytic wire

Suitable for high-voltage insulation W locking pin, R pin, woven metal mesh, gasket, special industry, steel heald, and high-grade decoration, spring clockwork, handicrafts, etc.

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