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How to maintain kitchen hardware? Hardware maintenance method

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The kitchen is used as a place for home cooking, and kitchen cleaning and maintenance is a prerequisite for a healthy diet at home。 Modern kitchen hardware is more, soot is more, the maintenance of kitchen hardware accessories is the focus。 The following small series to teach you how to maintain the kitchen hardware, to avoid the problem of kitchen hardware over-slip and rust。 The specific kitchen hardware maintenance methods are as follows:

Kitchen hardware maintenance methods:

First, kitchen hardware maintenance:

For the kitchen hardware, for the dumpling chain and the slide rail, it is better to add the lubricating oil on time to ensure the smooth opening and closing of the components. Do not hang heavy objects or wet objects on the handle. If loose, adjust the screws at the back. When the door panels are not aligned or loose, the dicette can be used to research and adjust the door dumplings.

When using, kitchen hardware maintenance should pay attention to the following points:

1。 Avoid salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and other condiments directly on the hardware。 If it happens accidentally, wipe it off immediately;

2, the door hinge should be oiled on time, keep open / free, and prevent moisture from rusting;

3. When opening/closing the drawer, avoid excessive force to prevent the slide rail from coming out or being hit;

4, for high-rise blue, turn blue and other large hardware, pay attention to its direction of rotation, avoid using dead force.

Second, kitchen hardware maintenance:

1. Pot, the kitchen pot is usually iron pot or stainless steel pot, wash it with detergent or water after each use, then steam the water in the pot, and finally enjoy a layer of cooking oil to prevent rust.

2, stove, after the operation, you need to leave a place on the stove, the oil is clean. Brush with a soft damp cloth dampened with detergent, and use a wire with a wire to brush the fire. After cleaning, the air drying oven can be used.

Third, the kitchen sink maintenance:

1, stainless steel sink, avoid using steel balls, chemicals, steel brush to clean, scrub with a soft towel or a soft cloth。

2, other material sink, use detergent to remove oil, keep the sink clean, and clean the neck end of the tube after the filter box in time, so as not to accumulate more grease in the long-term accumulation。

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