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[Hardware polishing] The importance of mechanical polishing processing on hardware products

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In industrial production, many pipe fittings are inseparable from polishing during processing。 Different materials are polished differently, such as a circular tube polishing machine for polishing aluminum tubes and steel tubes。 The material of the steel pipe is relatively hard, and it is more economical to polish。 There is no need to worry about the deformation of the steel pipe。 The material of the aluminum pipe is soft。 If the pipe wall is thinner, the aluminum pipe is easily deformed during polishing, so Pay attention to this when polishing aluminum tubes。 Grind the surface of polished aluminum tubes as little as possible。 You can use multiple sets of polishing machines。 Each grinding head can be thrown a little, and the effect of polishing multiple times can be achieved once, so that it is not damaged。 The aluminum tube can also improve the polishing effect。


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